Live Personal Weather Station Data

This website is powered by a National Geographic 265NC weather station located near Upper James Street and Stone Church Rd. The weather data will be updated automatically every 2 minutes! You can also find our data on: Weather Underground, Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP), PWS Weather, Ontario Weather Network, AWEKAS, WeatherBug, Met Office, Wind Alert, ROMAN, & MesoWest via MADIS. More information about this website and the weather station can be found in the about section. You can now find our new alternate dashboard here, which provides a simpler layout for those looking for current conditions, warnings and forecasts.

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Rainfall This Month: --- Rainfall This Year ---
Barometer: --- --- ---

Hamilton Airport (CYHM) Conditions & 7 Day Forecast

Data Source: Environment Canada Home Page | Contact Us
DISCLAIMER: NEVER BASE IMPORTANT DECISIONS ON THIS OR ANY WEATHER INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM THE INTERNET. Also, please note that live data from the home page and the station forecast is from a personal weather station and is not considered an official source nor is it always accurate. For official accurate conditions and forecast, please view the Environment Canada conditions and forecast on the home page. Thank you for visiting Hamilton Weather!